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Virgo sign: what are its positive and negative characteristics

People who were born from August 22 to September 23 are Virgoa zodiac sign that, like the rest of its companions in the horoscope, has positive and negative qualities, which astrology helps us discover.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and messages, astrological characteristics that make it practical, analytical, patient and persistent.

If something distinguishes those governed by the sign of the virgin, it is their capacity for observation, analysis, planning and attention to detailso they tend to be perfectionists and very critical of themselves and others.

These traits can trigger positive and negative behaviors. Next, we tell you which are the main ones.

Positive characteristics of Virgo

People who are Virgo are very observant in his private and work life, according to astrologers from the site Horoscopodiario.es. They are rarely influenced by the opinions of other people, because their analytical skills and attention to detail lead to solid and well-founded ideas.

Because of their mutable modality, they are restless. They are not one of those who stagnate or stay with the first thing they discover; they investigate, work, plan and organize until their curiosity is satisfiedfor this reason they are usually intelligent to the point of seeking perfection.

Also, they trust themselves, they know what they want and they are patient to achieve their goals. They have a special talent for finding different solutions to problems and solving them.

They are honest, loyal, sincere and know how to keep secrets, qualities that apply mainly in love and friendship.

Negative Characteristics of Virgo

His tendency to perfectionism makes him too critical most of the timeIn fact, it is the sign that judges others the most. And it is that being too honest and sincere can not shut up their opinions. This causes him to harm people who are too sensitive with his comments, Black Horoscope explained in an article.

Also, he is very hard on himself and others. You want things to go according to plan so you are extremely demanding. He doesn’t want to make mistakes, that’s why he is adamant and doesn’t let others put their hands in his things. He likes to be in control and that makes him quite closed. When he thinks he is right, he defends his ideals to the end, although if he realizes that he is wrong he is able to correct it.

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