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Virgo Libra Cusp: What It Means To Be Born Between These Two Signs

The border that divides two signs of the zodiac is known as the cusp and those who were born in this temporary dividing line, although they can feel the energy of both, does not mean that they belong to two signs at the same time. For example, those who have birthdays between September 19 and 25 are from the Virgo-Libra cusp and have stereotypical behaviors of the two.

Being born within the first or last day of a zodiac sign’s season can confuse people as to which one they belong to. astrologically, noor you can have two signs since the planets can only be in one at a time.

Every year the Sun changes on September 22 or 23 from Virgo to Libra, so it will be enough to find out in your natal chart the day, place and time of birth to know exactly if you are Virgo or Libra.

Although astrologers emphasize that the cusps are not real, that is, they are only used to define the border between two signs, the truth is that they do have an influence on personality. Next, learn about the characteristics of those born on the Virgo-Libra cusp.

Virgo-Libra Cusp Characteristics

People born in the last days of the Virgo season and the first days of the Libra cycle combine the energy of attention to detail and aesthetics, which is why they tend to be charismatic, creative, sensitive, intelligent and kind.

According to astrologers from the Astrology.com site, they are physically graceful people who she is attracted to art and sensual pleasures, in addition, they are known to be excellent plannersso they usually choose professions associated with the organization of events.

However, they have a tendency to focus on external things so they can be considered as materialistic. And it is that introspection is not easy for this cusp, to connect with their inner wisdom they must try harder.

The ruling planets of this cusp are Mercury and Venus, ruling stars of Virgo and Libra, respectively, which means that they have a unique sense of responsibility and justice. In love, they seek harmonious relationships and pay close attention to details. They analyze the pros and cons of any situation, which is why they are prone to thinking too much and not acting.

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