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Virgo 2022 Season Includes Mercury Retrograde: How It Will Affect Your Sign

Next August 22 the sun will change signs and from being in Leo it will now pass through the terrain of Virgowhere it will remain until September 23.

During the cycle of the sixth zodiac sign we receive energies oriented towards analysis and attention to detail, so we will be more critical and organized. Nevertheless, In this period, the cosmic chaos of the third retrograde Mercury of the year 2022 also awaits us..

The planet of communications, which by the way is the ruler of Virgo, will be retrograde from September 9 to October 2, and in combination with the energy of this mutable earth sign, it will have a different impact on each sign of the zodiac.

Virgo season 2022: how it affects each sign


Virgo season will be ideal to catch up on your well-being. Now is the time to take care of your health, eat healthier, exercise and strengthen your mind. On the other hand, Mercury retrograde will bring to the surface a topic you’ve always wanted to talk about with your partner, colleagues, friends or family, according to the PopSugar.com horoscope.


You may be attracted to fun, playful, creative and artistic activities, which means that It will be easier for this sign to leave established plans and be more flexible in their routines.. You will feel inspired to share what is in your heart.


The closest relationships will become your main priority. You’ll want to spend quality time with loved ones ahead of family trips or retreat to the warmth of home. Slowing down will help you prepare for the arrival of Mercury retrograde.


Although you tend to be quite a homebody, during the Virgo season you are in for a few very busy weeks in the social aspect. You will be encouraged to spend time with friends, colleagues and familyIn addition, you may feel more intellectual stimulation and may feel the urge to step out of your comfort zone.


You will have the opportunity to materialize what you learned while the sun was transiting your sign. It will be the best time to negotiate more benefits for yourself at work or any personal project. If you do, you will ensure a step forward towards success.


This is the best time of the year to improve in the personal area. PYou can harness the energy of the sun in your sign by setting powerful intentions that will bring you closer to your most cherished dreams.. However, with Mercury retrograde, you’ll need to start working on unfinished projects before taking the next step.


You will be in a sleepy state, so you might get lost in thought. While this energy can be confusing, you can harness it with spiritual activities like meditation or yoga to make things clearer; inspiration will come to you from one moment to another.


During the Leo cycle he focused on receiving recognition, now in the Virgo season his energy will be focused on teamwork. You will be able to easily join forces with others who have the same vision.


It will focus on the professional sector and increase your desire to be recognized.either. He will begin to draw plans that will take him to more ambitious goals; It is the perfect season to grow professionally or get a job.


Your thoughts will get out of your comfort zone and you will be encouraged to follow your instincts. When Mercury turns retrograde, you will have to pause travel to attend to some inconveniences at work.


You will analyze what makes you feel more comfortable in intimate matters. This means that you will be ready to commit to a new chapter in your life and participate in very exciting projects.


You will feel more prepared and confident to go on a trip with your partner or design the business proposal you have been planning with a partner. When Mercury retrogrades could have honest conversations, which will mean emotional healing.

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