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Violeta Isfel breaks down in tears when talking about the sentence of Pablo Lyle | VIDEO

The sentence of Paul Lyle After being accused of involuntary manslaughter, it does not stop generating reactions, as was the case with the famous Mexican actress, violet isfel. Who burst into tears before the cameras upon learning the verdict of the Mexican actor because he is a great friend of hers.

And it was revealed that the sentence would be 5 years in prison in addition to 8 years of probation. Isfel was moved by this situation.

For this reason, he could not bear crying in the middle of an interview in which he recalled how the actor was very supportive a few years ago, so today they have a very strong relationship.

In the conversation, the reporters asked him about how he took the sentence of his friend Pablo Lyle. In this regard, the celebrity indicated that he saw the right moment when the actor addressed the family to apologize for what happened.

“I was finishing my call and I arrived at the Televisa cafeteria to eat and the moment where he spoke was live, where he gave his testimony, his speech, I don’t know what to call it, and I was glued to the television”


The actress pointed out, who was very moved by the situation, because she made a very strong bond with the protagonist of “Mirreyes vs GodĂ­nez”, He even confessed that he spoke to him last year. He also stressed that he does not know if now that he will be in state prison he will be able to continue communicating with him, as he had done a couple of times before being found guilty of the death of the 63-year-old man.

“It hurts a lot, but you don’t want to see the people you love suffering like this. The fact of knowing that from time to time we could write to each other, and not now; I know the fact that I can be on this probation might dampen things down a bit.”

Violeta sentenced, who also assured that she wants to be closer to Lyle’s family and support them in this process.

“He never thought that life would change in seconds, he obviously did not want this for anyone, neither for himself nor for his family, nor for the family of the affected person, and he mentioned it, his intention was never that. I support him from here. He knows that he has a friend forever. I love him deeply. He has been one of the most loving friends I have ever had. He looked at me badly and told me ‘You need therapy now’ and it just happened to me to his therapist, and she is the woman who helped me out for almost 3 years… In other words, I have a very particular closeness with him ”

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