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Violence continues in Liga MX: UANL Tigres fan hit Club América fan (Video)

UANL Tigres fans at the University Stadium.

Photo: Jorge Mendoza / Imago7

Since the 2023 Closing Tournament of Liga MX began, episodes of violence have been a constant in the different stadiums in Mexico. On Saturday, on matchday 11 of the tournament that faced Tigres from the UANL and Club América at the Estadio Universitario, it was possible to see how a fan of the local team attacked one who was wearing the Americanista colors.

After the defeat that the cats took (0-2) the spirits in the stands became so heated that the goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán tried to calm the fans from the field. In the meantime, a fan took the opportunity to get even with his pair of the Eagles of America.

Through social networks, a video circulated where you can see a man wearing the colors of Tigres de la UANL hitting a fan with a shirt of the cream-blue team who was leaving the stadium.

In the recording, the moment in which the local supporter pushes a person who is subsequently punched near the stomach is fully visible. In the final part of the clip you can also see when another fan asks him to stop.

On Twitter, the opinions of rejection of this action were a constant and they even requested sanctions in this regard to the president of Liga MX, Mikel Arriola.

“Will there be any sanction for the Tigres Club by the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) Mikel Arriola? Or do they forgive these fans for all the aggressions they cause the rival?” wrote a fan who shared the audiovisual.

“They should identify him with the fan ID and not to enter again”; “How frustrating it is to see them come into physical contact for soccer. People without a head or reason, I hope they never enter the stadium again ”; “When it’s against Tigres, it doesn’t matter if they include him or not. Nothing happens ”, were some reactions from Internet users.

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