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Vintage decorations for Valentine’s Day 2017

When Valentine’s Day arrives, how about innovating and changing the look of the house with beautiful vintage decorations for Valentine’s Day 2017? Vintage decorations are a great way to add a romantic touch to your home and are a great choice for your home sweet home. Check out some vintage decorating ideas that can help win hearts on that special date or any other occasion.

Vintage decorations on Valentine’s Day 2017 (Illustrative Photo)

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Vintage decorations on Valentine’s Day 2017

Celebrated on June 12th throughout Brazil, Valentine’s Day is a date widely celebrated by couples in love, and therefore deserves a special decoration, which helps to increase the romance climate. That’s why vintage decor can be a great choice to surprise your loved one.

Of course, some decorations have the highest price, but that doesn’t mean that you can come up with ideas that can come very close to a vintage decoration, especially when it comes to a special occasion.

Some women ask if vintage is only temporary or can be used permanently. Well let’s answer like this, I really like vintage decor and I’ve been using it in my house for a long time, before it became a trend in decoration like it is today.

Another thing that usually changes the decoration of the house are married women, that’s because it’s not cheap to keep changing decorations, unless of course there’s a “pot of gold” (not my case), so I opted for leave it permanent and whenever I can I use a few different things to style or enhance my vintage decor.

Is it tacky to use vintage as decor? OF COURSE. The idea is to leave the house romantic, like a moment for two. Entering from inside the house and feeling relaxed, comfortable and in love is conveyed by this type of decoration.

Among the various decoration stylesvintage is an excellent option for Valentine’s Day, as it evokes a more nostalgic atmosphere, in addition to transmitting tranquility and delicacy and an atmosphere of affection and passion.

The use of old photos, of happy and romantic moments, is a great option (Illustrative Photo)

The use of old photos, of happy and romantic moments, is a great option (Illustrative Photo)

to make a vintage decor on Valentine’s Day, you can start by using more sober and delicate colors, such as gold, rose gold, beige, tiffany blue, beige and brown, pink even lilac!

These tones can appear in decorative objects, furniture, paintings, curtains, pillows, rugs and other items, greatly changing the look of the house or a specific room. check out others decorating tips for Valentine’s Dayin vintage style.

Photos in Vintage decor

Photo decoration is a great request for the date. You can use a selection of romantic photos and/or funny pictures of the couple, and to make them look like old photos, apply filters like black and white, sepia, etc. Choose frames that follow the style.

The ilumination

To provide differentiated lighting, bet on vintage table lamps, which can be combined with scented candles, making the climate more seductive.

Also bet on objects that recall the past of the couple (Illustrative Photo)

Also bet on objects that recall the past of the couple (Illustrative Photo)


They cannot be missing on this special day, as they refer to affection, love, seduction, etc. For a vintage flower decor, make arrangements with various types of flowers and place them around the house, using colorful cans or bottles.

old objects

THE retro decoration for Valentine’s Day it is even more characterized with the use of objects that recall happy moments of the couple. You can, for example, make a pile of old suitcases, remembering trips, put photos in oval frames and decorate the wall with letters and cards exchanged by the couple.

Vintage romantic dinner (Photo Illustrative)

Vintage romantic dinner (Photo Illustrative)

Dining table

for the one Romantic dinnerthe tip is to use ceramic tableware, floral arrangements in colored bottles, candles and other items that refer to romanticism and retro style.

Small details

Romantic notes taped to the fridge door or wall, vintage wallpaper, antique chairs, and even a different outfit can make Valentine’s Day feel like it’s being celebrated in another era.

Vintage decor photos to surprise you

How about some ideas to decorate your living room, your bedroom, make your vintage decor stand out on Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion? Well see the photos and choose which one you will do:

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