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Vimium, speed up Google Chrome with keyboard shortcuts

Vimium is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that adds many new keyboard shortcuts to the browser.

Using the computer keyboard instead of the mouse can significantly speed up selected web browsing processes.

Think of opening a new tab, for example. You can press Ctrl-T to do so or move your mouse cursor over the new tab button and click on it.

Most web browsers limit the available keyboard shortcuts and don’t offer options to add additional hotkeys to speed up specific operations that aren’t supported by default, or change shortcuts if you prefer a different layout.

Vimium for Chrome

vimium chrome

Vimium is a Google Chrome extension that adds a few dozen keyboard controls to the browser to speed up web browsing.

The controls are available directly after installation and can be used to accomplish various goals in the Google browser.

For example, you can press h, j, k or l to scroll left, down, up or right, press gg to automatically scroll to the top, or Shift-G to get to the bottom of the active page.

More useful than the commands that are already available, albeit set to different keys, are the additional options that Vimium provides.

Chrome users with Vimium installed can press t to open a new tab, d to close the active tab, u to restore the last closed tab, and Shift-J or Shift-K to quickly navigate between tabs.

That is just a sample of the possibilities offered by the extension. Other commands of interest are Shift-H and Shift-L to go back or forward in the story. The latter is especially useful for users who often right-click to do so, as the right-click menu doesn’t always offer that functionality.

The r key reloads the current page and copies the URL to the clipboard.

A complete list of commands is available in Google Chrome extensions. gallery page. It is possible to pause the extension by pressing i, which ignores all hotkeys until Esc is pressed. In addition, Vimium supports options to lock keys on certain web pages; useful if you have key compatibility issues on select sites.

The extension options provide features to exclude URLs and keys, reassign certain keys, and add search engine shortcuts. You can also click the “show advanced options” button to manage next and previous patterns, change the new tab URL or default search engine, and backup and restore configuration data.

closing words

Vimium can speed up standard web browsing in the Chrome browser. Firefox finds in Vimperator a similar extension for its browser.

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