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Vilarinho de Negrões, the village that grows on the water

Vilarinho de Negrões is located in Montalegre and is a village with a unique heritage and beautiful streets to discover. A must visit.

village of negrões is a picturesque village, located in Montalegre. In addition to its natural beauty, there is a lot of heritage to discover in its vicinity, as well as restaurants to “kill” your hunger and delight in the typical regional delicacies.

For a weekend with the family or a few days alone, in full introspection, the destination of Vilarinho de Negrões is super suitable, as it offers the peace and quiet that many seek on their holidays. Go there and get ready to take lots of pictures.

Vilarinho de Negrões: the secrets of the village

Vilarinho de Negrões is located on the south bank of Albufeira do Alto Rabagão, a dam whose construction was completed in 1964. It is one of the most picturesque villages in the region and in the whole country. Its typical houses spread over a narrow peninsula.

This absolutely charming piece of land is close to the parish of Negrões, which has a granite oven that is worth visiting, as well as the slender canastros, where corn and rye are preserved, and the castros of Negrões, Vilarinho and Lamacha.

In this locality, the days start very early in the morning when crested grebes and other water birds take advantage of the mildest winter of this geography and enjoy the morning tranquility. When the hustle starts, you see these species move to a small deserted islet formed by a huge boulder.

A well-known and popular personality in this land is Domingos Pereira, the guerrilla priest, affiliated with the Progressive Party and friend of Paiva Couceiro, who conspired against the Republic. In addition, he participated in the “Northern Monarchy”, getting involved in the combats of Cabeceiras, Mirandela and Vila Real.

What to visit in the surroundings?

Ribeira de Pena

Relatively close to Vilarinho de Negrões, you will find this Portuguese village, located in the municipality of Vila Real, on the border between Minho and Trás-os-Montes. It is known for the cultivation of green wine, corn and flax. Raising cattle and pigs, as well as killing pigs, is also common.

The local religious heritage is vast and of great importance, with a mandatory visit to the Church of Canedo and Cerva, the Chapel of S. Pedro in Ribeira de Pena, the Igreja Matriz do Salvador, the Church of Santa Marinha, the chapels of Senhora da Guia and Granja Velha, among others.

Old Bridge of Montalegre

This bridge, also known as the “Roman Bridge”, is next to the castle. Located in a historic village, with ancient traces of human occupation, it is believed that this bridge dates back to Roman times. The bridge is made up of a single, well-equipped arch and a deck that has changed a lot over the centuries. Not to be missed if you are near Vilarinho de Negrões.

Montalegre Castle

The beginning of its construction dates back to 1270, in the reign of King Afonso III. The construction of the Torre de Menagem is later and a testament to the historical importance of Montalegre. This fortification was intended to defend the border of the kingdom of Portugal from the threat of Castile. This Castle is a National Monument and houses a museum.

Vilarinho de Negões: where to eat?

Albufeira Restaurant

Over there on the side of Vilarinho de Negrões, close to the Alto Rabagão dam, is this restaurant known for its ham and sausage starters, a tasty Portuguese stew and delicious desserts.

  • Household: Lama da Missa, Viade de Baixo | Dos Pisoes dam, Montalegre
  • Contact: 276 556 213

Dias restaurant

Popular spot for its Barrosã meat. For fish fans, there is also a delicious octopus à lagareiro. The starters are also pleasant and the vinho verde is highly praised.

  • Household: Largo do Penedo nº 2 | Largo do Penedo No 2 Km 119 EN 103, Montalegre
  • Contact: 910 228 242

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