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Videos| Anahí celebrates the birthday of his youngest son with a spectacular party

The dearest member of RBD, Anahí, celebrated the 3rd birthday of Emiliano, her youngest son. La Rebelde shared moments of the party in an Instagram reel in which she showed how incredible her “little baby” had the day.

The event that took place on February 2 was inspired by the film by Disney ‘Cars’. The singer showed the small dress with two outfits in the celebration; in the first he wore a jacket painted with two characters from the film: ‘Lightning McQueen’ and ‘Mate’; and in the second Emiliano used a Formula 1 costume.

Little run aboard “Lightning McQueen”, games with his friends, desserts and “Emi’s” tender bite of the cake could be seen in the video shared by the proud and loving mother.

“We love you !!! Happy 3 Emiliano!!”

Anahí wrote to accompany the video.

Anahí’s fans reacted to the publication with likes and comments. “Happy birthday Emiliano”; “beautiful”; “Beautiful we love you”; “At what point did 3 years pass! If yesterday was the surprise of: “You say R, I say BABY”, were some of the dedications for the little one on his mother’s Instagram.

The decoration and logistics of the spectacular and luxurious celebration were in charge of the family business of Anahí, Puente y Medina Eventos.

Some details of the party were published on the company’s Instagram profile; like the toy vehicles for ‘Emi’s’ guests, the sweet snacks and the general decoration of the birthday of the RBD member’s youngest son.

Emiliano captivates with the resemblance to his mother

Before showing the party, the singer uploaded a tender and muddy photo on her Instagram of Emiliano in which The fans assured that she looked like Anahí when she was a child and participated in “Chiquilladas”.

“Happy birthday Emiliano!! Today my youngest baby turns 3!! We love you Emma!!!”
It is read in the text that the Rebel wrote.

“She is identical to her mother when she was a child”; “Yes, it’s “Once upon a time there was a star” with Pedrito Fernández”; “The two look like Anahi”, say some of the comments that can be read in the publication.

Anahí when she had already debuted in the artistic world. Photo: File.

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