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VIDEO: This was the time Danna Paola and Angelique Boyer shared the screen in ‘María Belén’

There is no doubt that the names Angelique Boyer Y Danna Paola They are renowned internationally thanks to the extensive experience that both have within the world of acting and music, respectively.

However, There was a time when both celebrities shared a screen and not everyone remembers it. It was the cameo made by Sebastián Rulli’s couple in the children’s melodrama ‘María Belén’, starring Danna Paola in 2001.

Said participation occurred when the “Elite” actress was 6 years old while Angelique Boyer was a 13-year-old teenager who belonged to the musical group ‘Rabanitos Verdes’.

It would have been the idea of ​​the soap opera’s producer, MaPat López de Zatarain, to give the adolescent group an opportunity to show their talent by singing the introductory theme of the children’s melodrama alongside the protagonist.

Unfortunately, the group ‘Rabanitos Verdes’ did not achieve the success expected by the television station, which is why they ended up breaking up just a few years later. Of course, it would have been the perfect showcase for Angelique Boyer to venture into the melodrama ‘Rebelde’ and begin to forge a name on the small screen.

For her part, Danna Paola achieved success not only in the field of acting, but also in the music scene. And it is that since her departure from the Netflix series, ‘Elite’, the Mexican has managed to conquer the hearts of the public with dozens of hits such as: “Oye Pablo”, “Sodio” and “Mala Fama”.

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