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VIDEO| They capture Osmel Sousa doing her makeup routine in ‘The House of Celebrities’

Osmel Sousa.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

The well-known ‘Beauty Czar’ Osmel Sousa is one of the most beloved participants in the third season of Telemundo’s ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ by Internet users. This time he captivated netizens who saw him perform his daily makeup routine.

For “Uncle Osmel” there was a shower of praise once Telemundo shared on his Instagram profile the fragment of the reality show in which he was caught applying his beauty products.

The ‘Beauty Czar’ applied to her compact face, combed and made up her eyebrows, used a brush to add a little tinted shadow on her lids to enhance her eyes; and to finish she applied a gloss simple.

With 76 years of life, Osmel worries about his physical appearance and that caught the netizens who applauded that he give himself his “cat’s hand”.

Among the comments on Telemundo’s Instagram post, praise for “Uncle Osmel” abounds.

“Genius and figure to the grave”; “He is the one who lives at home with his occurrences”; “He is very special. He is always aware of his appearance, very well dressed ”; “If he doesn’t know about these quick beauty and makeup tips, then who?” It can be read on the Telemundo social network.

Osmel Sousa has been characterized as a person who has no filters when it comes to speaking. However, In the reality show, it has been possible to see a bit of how he is in everyday life and he himself has revealed some aspects of his life that have captivated the audience of the program.

The Cuban was for more than 40 decades the president of the Miss Venezuela Organization. It was under his management that Venezuela managed to obtain Miss Universe with Irene Sáez (1981), Bárbara Palacios (1986), Alicia Machado (1996), Dayana Mendoza (2008), Stefanía Fernández (2009) and Gabriela Isler (2013).

Her greatest achievement at the head of Miss Venezuela was the coronation of Dayana Mendoza to her countrywoman Stefanía Fernández in 2009.

Sousa also participated for years in the beauty reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina in which she was a judge.
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