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Video of Kate Winslet comforting a young journalist goes viral

Kate Winslet.

Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images

Kate Winslet He has always distinguished himself by being very kind to his fellow actors and the technical team of the films in which he participates, but now has caused a sensation for a video broadcast on social networks that shows her giving encouragement to a young journalist to which the mission of interviewing her was assigned, during the promotion of the film “Avatar: the way of water”.

In the clip (which has already gone viral) the nervous girl is heard telling the British actress that it is her first interview, for which she comments: “Is this the first time you’ve done it? OK, you know what? When we do this interview, it’s going to be the most amazing interview we’ve ever done. And do you know why? Because we have decided that it will be so.”

The protagonist of movies like “Hamlet” Y “Sense and sensitivity” He continued to encourage the reporter and said: “So, we’ve decided right now, you and I, that this is going to be a really fantastic interview. And you can ask me whatever you want and you don’t have to be afraid, everything is going to be amazing. You have it. OK, let’s do it!” As to “Avatar: the way of water”is already showing worldwide, and is Kate’s second work with director James Cameron after the acclaimed tape “Titanic” of 1997.

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