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Video: Lili Estefan “spends a fortune” on the incredible decoration of her house for Christmas

Lili Estefan.

Photo: Ethan Miller. /Getty Images

The Cuban presenter Lili Estefan, who is part of ‘The fat and the skinny’is destined to be the celebrity who dedicated the most resources and time to the spectacular decoration of her house for Christmas.

Through a video, published on her Instagram account and set to music with the song ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey, the famous Flaca took us through the most intimate corners of her home that was transformed into an authentic holiday Village.

“Almost ready for Christmas!!!!!! HoHoHo and you? Thank yousssss @thestorytellerflower for the flowers that are already a week old and are still going on 🥳🙌 thank you for the tree and the tradition of doing it together for so many years ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Holidays my beautiful peopleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, reads the description of her video.

Her video begins in the dining area, where Lili has a spectacular arrangement made up of various flowers in shades of red and purple, as well as two illuminated pine trees. She then took us to her living room, where she put up her traditional tree, as well as several garlands around her window frame and a huge Santa Claus.

When we thought we had seen everything, Lili took us to see her garden and its beautiful trees illuminated with warm blue lights. There she also put a very cute Santa Claus and the reindeer inseparable from him. There is no doubt that the inseparable companion of Raúl de Molina has already raised her hand to consecrate herself as the queen of Christmas 2022.

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