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VIDEO: Galilea Montijo shares her simple New Year’s ritual to attract abundance

Galilee Montijo is more than ready to welcome the year 2023 and intends to do it on the right foot. For this reason, she opened up about the ritual that she follows to the letter to attract abundance into his life. What does it consist of? Read on to find out.

In a recent broadcast of the program ‘Netas Divinas’, La Guadalajara shared the traditions that she follows with her family during the New Year celebrationmoment in which one of his favorites came to light: the lentils of abundance.

According to Galilea Montijo, the ritual is very simple, since you only need lentils and an empty bag. “It’s 12 at night, I grab the lentils from the bag just like that, next to a plastic bag, and I start to throw away, you have to throw away the lentils and think abundantly,” he said.

However, the most important element within this ritual is thought. And it is that according to Galilee, it is necessary to think about the abundance of money, health, love and well-paid work while the lentils are fanned. “A lot of abundance in every way, in love, in the family, in friends, in joy,” he added to his explanation.

To conclude, you have to pick up the lentils from the ground and store them in the plastic bag and then put them in a bag and store them in your wallet throughout the year. “They remember me when the wool arrives,” Montijo joked.

Everything seems to indicate that the presenter of the program ‘Hoy’ is not the only one to follow this ritual, since Consuelo Duval seconded his idea and urged the public to try it on December 31 and check its effectiveness.

It did not take long for Galilea Montijo’s recommendation to spread on social networks, receiving special attention on Tik Tok, a site where dozens of Internet users commented on it.

“I confirm it, rice and lentils and believe me that I have money all year and if they can in my wallet a little lentils”; “The year I did it was very good. I will repeat it this 2022″ and “The truth has not failed me recommended”, are some of the responses that are read on the net.

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