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Video: exact moment of LeBron James’ injury that took him out of the NBA All-Star Game

LeBron James during the NBA All Star Game.

Photo: Kyle Terada-Pool/Getty Images

During the development of the NBA All-Star Game, LeBron James suffered an injury to one of his fingers that set off alarm bells for Los Angeles Lakers fans. Through social networks they have spread what would be the exact moment in which the star would have suffered the damage.

In the middle of the game at the Utah Jazz’s home, LeBron suffered an injury while running to the basket to try to block a dunk by Pascal Siakam. James was unsuccessful in his mission and ended up injuring the little finger of his right hand, which was bent after hitting the ring.

This was the trigger for the four-time NBA All-Star Game champion to leave the game in which he played 14 minutes in the first half of his team’s loss to Team Giannis. LeBron managed to accumulate 13 points, four assists and a rebound.

James would not be the only one to leave due to injury, as curiously the captain of the other team, Giannis Antetokounmpo, left the game in the first minute as a precaution against a problem with one of his wrists.

Until now, the extent of the physical mishap of the Los Lakers star is not known. The franchise continues to fight to qualify for the NBA Playoffs.

LeBron missed one of the last LA Lakers games with a foot injury. However, from the institution they ruled out that it was a major problem thanks to the results of the latest medical examinations.

“He underwent some imaging tests on his foot injury, and we’re grateful that things turned out well,” manager Rob Pelinka said.

In addition to the foot injury, the number 6 missed half a dozen games. One due to general malaise and in which the contagion by Covid-19 was ruled out and another five due to a pull in the inner part of the left thigh.

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