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Video confirms that LG’s rollable phone was real • ENTER.CO

In April of last year, LG announced that it would exit the smartphone market. However, days before the announcement, the company had reported that they had developed and were ready to launch a folding smartphone. This one amazed the world for its great difference, the screen did not bend, it rolled up.

The company shared a video of the phone at CES 2021, however, the video left many doubts, since its virtual format was suitable for hosting computer graphics. Now, more than a year later, a fairly real video has surfaced showing what the phone looked like, really proving its existence.

The video was posted on YouTube by a channel called Checkout Tech. In it, the LG rollable phone is seen from different angles, including reflections on the screen and lights falling on the phone. All these features make the video look too real. On the other hand, although the video does not contain much information about it, you can see how the screen is “saved” by an electric motor. As the company commented at the time, it is enough to press a button for the screen to roll up.

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About the phone, it is rumored that its screen measures 7.4 inches and has a resolution of 1600 × 2428 pixels; when the screen is folded, it measures 6.8 inches. On the back you can see three holes in the cameras and a flash. According to unofficial information, LG sold a small batch of these roll-up phones, exclusively to the company’s own employees.

Although the company made the decision to withdraw from the market more than a year ago, they announced then that phones already sold would continue to get updates. Software updates and technical support continue to be provided to phones that have been in circulation for less than five years.

Image: LG

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