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VIDEO: Boy goes viral for singing Amanda Miguel’s song with feeling and at the top of his lungs

Undoubtedly the songs of amanda miguel They have become a must on social networks, and more than anything for the “hurt”. But this time he surprised a little boy who sang one of his hits with tremendous feeling.

The little boy became a trend after an Internet user published a recording on TikTok in which the minor is seen singing a song by the Argentine singer at the top of his lungs.

The clip shows the little boy interpreting the song “Castillos” with great emotion without realizing that they were recording him with his cell phone.

Therefore, he is seen gesturing and making gestures of pain as the topic increases in intensity. All this while she walks around the patio of her house playing on a tricycle. the video was posted on TikTok and became a total success due to countless reactions from netizens.

In the video, which was shared on TikTok by the user Marián BG, a child no older than 10 years old is seen singing the song “Castillos” by Amanda Miguel at the top of his lungsa song that could be considered for adults due to the lyrics and the message it contains.

However, this was not an impediment for the little boy to interpret it with great emotion and apparent pain.

“My king was a stone monster, with a heart of stone. He paid for my love with stones, he broke my illusion with stones ”sang the minor in the video, while playing with a tricycle.

Once the recording was shared on TikTok it became a success and so far it has more than 14 million views and more than 1.7 million “Likes”.

Internet users also reacted with more than 25,000 comments that have gone viral and in which some wonder how the little one managed to sing this popular song by Amanda Miguel with so much emotion: “Who hurt him so much?”wrote a user on the social network.

And it is that in the clip he is seen at times stopping his tricycle to close his eyes and sing effusively, He immediately raised his hands in supplication and continued walking around the patio with an apparently lost look, but with his attention fixed on the musical theme.

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