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VIDEO: Biby Gaytán reached 51 years of age with an impressive figure and style

A short clip was all the actress needed Biby Gaytan To demonstrate that At 51 years old, she is still one of the most beautiful women in the world of entertainment. and unleashed fury among its digital community. What was that video about? Read on to find out the details.

Through her Instagram account, the famous delighted the pupil of Internet users with an audiovisual in which she modeled various outfits that highlighted the attributes that God gave her.

The first of her outfits made her look very elegant and daring, since it was a tight sequined dress with an off-the-shoulder look. The second was a funnier alternative as it was an oversized “beach” style dress that complemented her tanned skin, while to finish she modeled a gala version in silver that hugged her waist.

“51 and counting”, are the words with which Biby Gaytán honored her age and belief that age is just a numberbecause she maintains a heart-stopping beauty that has accompanied her since her beginnings in show business.

The responses to her unexpected publication were not long in coming and as expected, they referred to her beauty and good attitude. Some personalities from the artistic environment even took on the task of sharing her affection with the actress.

“Bibi! You are everything that is GOOD!!!”, wrote the Mexican makeup artist Luis Torres. For her part, Maribel Guardia flattered her by saying “Precious and distinguished”, and her husband Eduardo Capetillo did not miss the opportunity to fill the famous with compliments. “Ufffff what a beauty,” she declared.

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