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VIDEO: Alicia Machado made a little arrangement on her lips and boasted the result in networks

With the honesty that characterizes her, the former beauty queen Alice Machado He shared with his audience a taste of the new arrangement he underwent to stay as stunning and jovial as ever. What did your aesthetic procedure consist of? Read on to find out.

It was from the official Instagram account of Dr. Elio Galán that a video was released of the exact moment in which the winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ increases the volume of her lips for the first time.

Machado, 46, visited the Galan Aesthetics offices in Hialeah, FL. to put yourself in the hands of the celebrity doctor and experiment with a new look for this 2023.

To achieve the desired result, the expert first applied a little anesthesia to the area, and then proceeded to inject fillers with a thin injection; all this while Alicia Machado remained completely still and excited by the result.

“What a beauty,” said the former Miss Universe after looking in the mirror and discovering the new appearance of her lips.

Although the transformation he experienced was not extreme, it did not take long for it to attract the attention of those Internet users who saw the video. Through various comments, his fans were quick to let him know that his “arrangement” turned out well.

“I liked that her lips looked natural, nothing exaggerated. Very beautiful Alice”, “OMG, no wonder I did say that Ali had very spectacular lips, they looked perfect and natural! I love them” and “The most beautiful” are some of the messages that are read online.

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