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Victoria Beckham shares a photo of Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony, congratulating them on their wedding

Victoria Beckham designed the bridesmaids’ dresses for Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony’s wedding.

Photo: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images

Victoria Beckham have used your account instagram to post a picture of the singer Mark Anthony Y Nadia Ferreira, who were married on January 28. Next to the image (apparently taken before the wedding), the ex Spice Girl wrote the message: “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Muniz!!! We love you both very much and it was an honor to be a part of your special day and celebrate your love!! Kisses @marcanthony @nadiatferreira 💕💕💕💕💕”

Victoria’s post was seen by Nadia, who thanked her for her congratulations: “What a magical night! For us it was an honor that you were part of it ♥️✨ and by the way, you showed off in the bridesmaids’ dresses. Again, a great honor. We love you too!!”

The link was sold by the couple exclusively to the magazine Hello!, and that medium has already released the first official images. In a clip the beautiful Paraguayan model appears wearing her dress – Gaul Lahav– and while they do her makeup, to later walk into a room spectacularly decorated with hundreds of white roses, while Marc -wearing a signature suit Christian Dior– can’t hold back crying when he sees her.

In keeping with that decoration, the white color predominated in the invitation to the wedding. As for the guests -who were captured on the outskirts of the Pérez Art Museum in Miami- they highlighted Salma Hayek, louis fonzi, Maluma, Carlos Slim, Marco Antonio Solis, Vin Diesel, daddy yankee and of course david beckhamVictoria’s husband.

This is the fourth marriage for Marc Anthony, who confirmed his courtship with Nadia in March 2022; two months later they announced their engagement and finally tied the knot over the weekend. Although it’s only January many media already describe the event as “the wedding of the year”.

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