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Victim deepfake is used by police in 19-year-old murder case and causes strangeness; watch

In the Netherlands, the police created a video with deepfake material to obtain information about the murder of 13-year-old Sedar Soares, which took place in February 2003. Authorities in Rotterdam (the second largest and most important city in the Netherlands) consider this line of investigation as the first in the world to use artificially manipulated images.

The production of the deepfake video had authorization from the teenager’s family. In the scenes, Soares appears dominating and holding a soccer ball. The creators of the content chose these circumstances because the boy trained and dreamed of a career in this sport.


Almost 20 years ago, Soares was shot dead while playing in the snow with friends in the parking lot of a subway station in the Dutch city. The crime to this day leaves the authorities uncomfortable.

According to police records so far, the boy was killed “for being in the wrong place at the wrong time”. The expectation is that the deepfake video will help to finally solve the casetouching hearts

“Someone must know who murdered my dear brother,” says the voice of Sedara (Sedar’s sister) in off-line, as the boy walks around surrounded by relatives, friends and former teachers. The video – which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to edit the images and audio to very realistically simulate facial expressions and speech as if they were the teenager’s own – ends with Soares addressing the camera and asking: “Do you know more? So speak now.”

Police say that after the video was published, they have already received new information about the crime and that they are working to confirm it, adding that the response has been very positive. “How do you reach new witnesses or the perpetrator of a deadly shooting after nearly 20 years? Touching their hearts,” says a member of one of the local investigation teams.

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