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Vicente Fernández Jr. disapproves of Bad Bunny’s attitude with a fan and gives the “Charro de Huentitán” as an example

Vicente Fernández Jr. is against Bad Bunny’s reaction with a fan.

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Bad Bunny He is involved in the controversy after throwing the cell phone of a fan who approached him to ask for a photo into the water, and although he later used his social networks to defend his reaction, he could not avoid criticism and comments raining down on him. even some celebrities disapproved of what happened, one of them was Vincent Fernandez Jr. who even gave as an example the relationship that “El Charro de Huentitán” always maintained with his audience.

The video that everyone is talking about and caused the first scandal of 2023 for the interpreter of “Titi asked me” was recorded on the night of January 1 in the streets of the Dominican Republic and Benito appears surrounded by some people, between followers and their security team.

However, the controversial moment occurred when a female fan approached him to take a selfiebut what until then seemed to be going normally, took a turn that caused surprise and indignation for many, because The artist from Puerto Rico took the cell phone from the young woman and then threw it into the sea.

Though it was through the different social networks where they emerged memescomments also accumulated in which the opinion of fans and detractors were divided, because while some reiterated their support and admiration for the so-called “Bad Rabbit”, some more they completely disapproved of his attitude and made him pay a high price for not being nice to his fansbecause they reminded him that it is thanks to them that he has managed to obtain the fame that led him to become the most listened to artist on music platforms and packed concerts in each country he visited.

But famous Mexicans also shared their opinion, one of them was Vicente Fernández Jr. who reached the last publication of the Puerto Rican singer on Instagram to express his feelings about what happened and incidentally warned him that he would stop following him.

I did follow you, but I stopped following you“He wrote in the first part of the message.

In addition, he gave an example to his father, the deceased Vicente Fernandezand the respect that he always expressed towards his audience.

My father was a clear example of how to love his audience, we owe it to them, our audience, bye“, he sentenced.

Vicente Fernández Jr. criticizes Bad Bunny’s attitude with a fan. / Photo: Instagram @badbunnypr

And although the singer also took what happened very seriously, the one who downplayed it was his fiancée, the influencer Mariana Gonzalez Padillawho pointed out that she did not follow him, and that she had only come to the publication to read the comments.

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