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Vestcasa Credit Card: How does it work?

Have you heard about the Vestcasa credit card and how it works? If not yet, at least the store you should know. Vestcasa is a network of stores, which also has e-commerce, where products for bedding, tableware, bath, housewares and decoration are sold, it is that type of establishment where you can find everything you need for your home.

But, as we know, our financial life is not always so favorable, and we end up having trouble buying those products that are missing from our home. We often find exorbitant prices in stores that don’t offer any kind of facility, and finally, we can’t buy what we need.

With that in mind, Vestcasa created its own credit card to help its customers at the time of purchase.

So, find out now how the Vestcasa credit card works, what types of benefits you can earn and how to access your card information directly from your smartphone.

What this article covers:

What is the Vestcasa credit card?

The Vestcasa credit card was created with the aim of allowing customers to buy their products on credit, in addition to offering several other advantages. Many department stores often create their own cards to build loyalty and attract new customers, in addition to offering advantages.

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Therefore, you should research well the benefits you will have with a certain store’s credit card, to find out if it meets your needs, or if it can disrupt your financial life.

How does the Vestcasa credit card work?

At first, the Vestcasa credit card was created by this network to make it easier for customers to purchase their bed, table and bath products, obtain promotions, discounts and be able to pay for their purchase in a larger number of installments.

In addition, the Vestcasa card also works as a credit card to be used in other establishments, which allows you to pay for purchases in installments, among other features.

Nowadays, the Vestcasa credit card also has its international version, which operates under the Visa flag.

The financial institution that manages Vestcasa’s international credit card is Credz, which allows its customers to make purchases outside Brazil as well.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best advantages of the Vestcasa credit card, as we often cannot get an international credit card approved by our own bank.

What is the Vestcasa card limit?

The Vestcasa credit card can reach a limit of up to R$3,500.00, however, the amount that will be given as a limit will depend on the financial analysis made and the income of each client.

What is the initial limit?

There is no specific initial limit, because as we have seen, Vestcasa will analyze the customer’s income and credit, and according to this analysis, the limit will be given to the Vestcasa credit card.

Which VestCasa card app?

One of the benefits of the Vestcasa credit card is being able to access information through an application, directly from your cell phone. However, it is important to say that Vestcasa does not have its own application.

Which VestCasa card app

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For you to access Vestcasa credit card information and its features, download the Credz app, available for IOS and Android.

If you still have questions, go to Vestcasa website to discover many other benefits. Always research well when applying for a new card, find out if you will really have advantages, and if it will be worth it for you.

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