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Vesna Vulovich: the stewardess who survived a 10,000-meter fall from an airplane

History continues to be plagued with questions after 50 years

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It is about to be 51 years since an event that surprised locals and strangers, is when Vesna Vulovich became the stewardess who survived a 10,000-meter-high fall from an airplane.

Vulović was a flight attendant aboard JAT Yugoslav Airlines Flight 367. And on January 26, 1972, he was preparing to work between the route Stockholm, in Sweden, and Belgrade, in Serbia.

It was just when they were passing by czechoslovakia (present-day Czech Republic) when the plane exploded into three pieces.

The explosion and crash killed everyone on board. All except Vesna, who survived a fall of 33,333 feet (10,160 meters; 6.31 mi).

This is still the highest fall in which at least one person has survived without a parachute.

This flight had two stops scheduled between Stockholm and Belgrade. First it was Copenhagen in Denmark, which is where the secondary cabin crew, including Vesna, boarded the plane.

The flight never made it to the second layover in Zagreb, Croatia.

Vesna was not actually scheduled to work on Flight 367, as she revealed in a 2002 interview with Green Light.

But the airline had confused her with another flight attendant with the same name, and the plane left Denmark with Vesna, who was 23 years old at the time, on board.

At 4:01 PM, 46 minutes after takeoff, an explosion in the trunk tore the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 aircraft into three pieces.

As the cabin depressurized, passengers and other flight crew were believed to have been sucked out of the plane in sub-zero temperatures.falling and dying.

It was a terrifying scene on the snowy slope of a mountain near Srbská Kamenice, but among all that destruction the cries of pain of a woman who was miraculously still alive were heard.

It was Vesna. A neighbor of the place, named Zdenjo Kubic, He said that it is a day that he would never forget.

“I was at home and after five in the afternoon I went outside to adjust the TV antenna and I heard a plane go by, which is normal because we are in an air corridor here, so I didn’t give it much importance. Suddenly I heard a muffled thump, instinctively opened my eyes, looked up at the sky and saw a plane going down. And then I heard the impact on the ground, the sound was like bags falling.

The only certain thing was that Vesna was alive and that her popularity had made her quite a celebrity. Upon her return from Prague to Belgrade, Tito received her with honors, already like a true heroine. national of Yugoslavia

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