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Vertical Garden Photos, Step by Step

O Vertical Garden Photos, Step by Step It is a form of ornament that has been present in the decoration of modern homes. Also known as a living picture, the garden brings a well of nature into the house and its main characteristic is its vertical position. Living frames represent an innovative covering option for some walls.

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Vertical Garden Photos, Step by Step

Landscape designers are already betting heavily on vertical garden technique to decorate and use the appropriate plants to create the aesthetic effect similar to cladding. The covering of the walls starts to exalt a natural green, a focus of textures and details that nature takes care of creating.

THE vertical garden decoration it is planned, that is, it cannot be elaborated in any way, at random. Some companies are already responsible for the manufacture of mobile living pictures, which have a delicate wooden frame and can be installed in various spaces of the house (both indoors and outdoors).

The living board, made up of natural plants, must be installed in a wall that receives good light­čçž­čçĚ To keep the appearance of the vertical garden beautiful and charming, it is important to be concerned with the humidity conditions of the plants. There are modern living frames that adopt a complete and even water circulation system.

There are several models of living frames that can be mounted in the house, versions that vary in terms of design, color and finish. In larger spaces, the vertical garden is usually fixed to the wall in the form of a panel, in a modular structure. This ornament format allows you to combine different plants according to the preferences of the residents.

O vertical landscaping is an allegory that blends perfectly with the context of modern decoration, capable of adding beauty, sophistication and charm to homes. The paintings and panels match the entrance hall, porch and winter garden, but residents need to take certain precautions to maintain the well-being of the plants.

In case of doubts about how to set up a vertical garden at home, hire a landscaper or contact a company that specializes in living pictures. Check out a selection of vertical garden photos below:

Step by Step to Assemble Vertical Garden:

  1. Choose a site with good sunlight and plant features of the site
  2. Tough, moisture-resistant bamboo
  3. Make a Panel with several squares and nail it to the wall
  4. Buy a flat-faced plastic planter and attach hooks with wires to fit the panel.
  5. Choose a plant that occupies the site well in order to cover the panel
  6. Take the plant out of the pot, hugging it so that the foliage does not fall off.
  7. Place the plant in the pot with soil.

See below the Video on how to set up a Vertical Garden­čçž­čçĚ


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