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Venus is in Aries: which signs will become the best lovers

Venus, the planet of love, has begun its transit through Aries this Monday, February 20, where it will remain until March 16. When both come together they unleash a sensual, bold and wild energy that some signs will feel in private and become the best lovers.

Venus in Aries takes desire to the highest pointthis because the first sign of the zodiac is ruled by Marsthe planet that rules our passions including sexual pleasure, which means there will be fire in the room.

If you suddenly get an urge to be more affectionate, constantly touch your partner, experience great make-out sessions, and take back control of your sex life, much is due to this cosmic energy.

However, some zodiac signs will be more influenced by the sensual heat of Venus in Aries and their role as lovers will be top notch. Know what they will be.

As the protagonist of this planetary transit, Aries will become more playful, rude and bold in bed, commented the Astrology Answers horoscope. His sexual energy will be heightened, he just has to remember that his partner also has needs; If he understands them and knows how to connect, he can become one of the best lovers of the zodiac this season.

Your most passionate side will be born from hot conversations. You don’t need a lot of effort to connect with someone as your charming nature will do all the work. You will feel lively and energetic so you will emanate heat all the time.

Venus in Aries will considerably increase your sexual desire, so your intimate life will be intense during these weeks. Scorpio is the sign that governs the sexual organs and now they will be potentiated by the sensuality of this transit. Although you will become a good lover, try not only to think about sex, the horoscope suggests channeling part of that energy into discovering new passions.

The planet of love together with the passionate sign of the ram makes Aquarius an enthusiastic and sincere lover. You will have no problem giving your love life a romantic boost, now you can release your deepest desires.

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