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Venus enters Taurus and your sign will notice it in your love life: what to expect

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will begin its tour of the territories of Taurus from this March 16 where it will remain until April 11. This is one of the most positive transits for love, so all the signs of the zodiac will wait for its effects on relationships.

What makes this transit special is that Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus.this means that the qualities of both are amplified.

Venus is in charge of pleasure, self-care and all that attracts us, while Taurus is a practical earth sign that recognizes the beauty in simplicity and lives in the present. when both come together invites us to celebrate our sensuality here and nowexplain astrologers to PopSugar.com.

However, the energy of this planetary transit does not impact the entire Zodiac in the same way. Next, discover how it affects your sign.

Your sign will benefit from the transit of Venus through Taurus by incorporating physical pleasure into your daily life. It is an ideal time to reflect on your own self-esteem and celebrate your sensuality.

As the leading sign of this loving astrological aspect, Taurus will project more charisma, charm and magnetism. You will find many opportunities to shine in your personal and professional relationships.

Venus in Taurus asks your sign to take a break to tune in to their inner world. You may need space and time for yourself, so don’t hesitate to ask those close to you to respect your solitude.

This transit is auspicious for your sign to find someone to have an affair with. The PopSugar.com horoscope suggests spending time with friends as it is possible that you will find someone special there.

Venus in Taurus aligns with the interests of your sign, which means that your aura will be magnetic and you will have the reflectors directed towards you. In love you may want to share more love and affection or maybe you will find someone special.

Your sign will feel called to enjoy love, but from a more intellectual point of view. You will be struck by the mental stimulation and intelligence of people beyond their physique.

As Venus moves through Taurus you want a new level of intimacy. You will be able to leave behind discomforts and fears to enjoy your sensuality. If you show what is in your soul, the connection in your relationship will strengthen, the horoscope predicted.

The cosmos calls you to pay attention to your personal relationships. If you have a partner, you may need to spend more time together to bring peace and harmony. If you are single, it is an ideal transit to find a partner.

Venus in Taurus invites your sign to reflect honestly on work and personal relationships. It is time to ask yourself if there is a balance and if they align with your true interests.

This planetary transit turns on your most intimate instinct so you could be encouraged to go out on a date. You will be open to romance, which is not usual for your sign, you just have to let things flow and obey your pleasures.

You will find inner peace if you focus on your primary needs. Venus in Taurus reminds your sign that love isn’t just about relationships, it’s also about taking care of yourself. Now is the time to feel comfortable at home.

Your sign will feel more attracted to brilliant and intellectual minds and will be encouraged to share what their hearts feel. Whatever has been in your thoughts now is the time to express it because you will find a positive response.

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