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Venus enters Pisces: which signs will experience more love

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will enter this Thursday, January 26, the dreamy and imaginative Piscesa sign where it will remain until next February 20, giving us almost a month full of romantic and compassionate energy.

Venus in Pisces is a transit that creates an environment conducive to practice self-love and express it towards othersIt is also a good time to get in touch with the deepest emotions.

Relationships and love will be the most impacted topics for the passage of Venus through Pisces by giving us a greater emotional and spiritual connection with our loved ones. It can generate a strong desire for romance and a willingness to follow what the heart dictates, astrologers explain in an Astrology Answers article.

For this reason, while Venus travels through the territories of Pisces there is a conducive environment to start a relationship, that is, risk revealing your feelings towards a special person. In short, the energy that promotes this transit is what we feel during February 14, Day of Love and that will certainly occur within this astrological aspect.

What signs will be most impacted in love by Venus in Pisces?

Your sign will desire more depth and emotional connection in their relationships. “Those around you can really feel and experience your magnetism during this transit” predicted the horoscope from Astrology Answers. He added that your creativity will be at its maximum, so it is also the time to drive yourself with more passion, determination and faith towards your projects.

Imagination is one of the strong points of your sign and with Venus in Pisces, it will be even more powerful. They will be days in which you can fantasize with your eyes open and execute those romantic plans with that special person or your partner. “Let your imagination guide you through the process and use your creativity throughout this transit,” the horoscope recommended.

Your relationships are about to flourish. Once Venus enters Pisces, your heart will be filled with love, which will improve your romantic, family, friendly, work, and business connections. “Open your heart and let the love flow right now. Suppressing your feelings will only lead to confusion or tension” suggested the specialized astrological site.

Your sign will feel the energy of Venus in Pisces inside, that is, they will want to please themselves and practice self-love. It is a good time to invest time in yourself, do activities that nourish, relax and make you feel happy. “When you create time and space for the things that bring you pleasure, you are also creating a direct line between you and the Universe,” the article stressed.

The protagonist of this transit is your sign, which is why it asks you to promote self-love and others. Focusing on you will make you feel more confident in your abilities and spirit, so you can get closer to your dreams. Attending to your own needs “will ensure that any romantic endeavors you experience right now are as loving and beautiful as possible,” he concluded.

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