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Venus enters Capricorn: these signs will receive a boost in love

Next Friday December 9 Venus, the planet in charge of romantic energies, will enter Capricorn, the most disciplined sign of the zodiac and the one that helps us achieve our goals and purposes, a transit that will be in force until January 2, 2023.

According to horoscope predictions, there will be some zodiac signs that will benefit from this cosmic movement and they will notice it when they feel a push in love.

What does the transit of Venus in Capricorn mean?

When Venus is transiting Capricorn we can focus on forming relationships with people who we believe can help us achieve our goals, that is, commitment is easier to achieve. This applies to business, labor, friendship, romantic, and family associations.

For those who are already in a romantic relationship, the impact of this astral movement will drive them to take the next step, and for singles, it will bring them closer to the person with whom they have always wanted to start a commitment.

The only problem, as detailed by astrologers in an Astrology Answers article, is that Mercury will turn retrograde in Capricorn from December 29, and since it will be in the same sign as Venus, we will have time to establish ourselves in relationships and make deals we want, since Mercury retrograde could mess everything up.

Signs most benefited by Venus in Capricorn


During the transit of Venus in Capricorn, Aries will be comfortable with compromise and will be able to commit to people, plans, ideas and strengthen their existing relationships. If it is your sign, you will establish yourself in the traditional way in love, that is, you will want habitual romantic demonstrations.


Emotional ties will be important for your sign, so you can strengthen intimacy in your love relationships. You will feel more passionate and may find new ways to get closer to your partner or romantic interest.


Your heart will be more generous with Venus in Capricorn, so expect to be more loving, romantic, and light-hearted than usual. You will give yourself time to enjoy love and fun because your character will be less rigid.


Emotions will be stronger for your sign, so you will be able to show your feelings completely, without restrictions. This can help you get closer to others and improve relationships.


Venus will go through your sign which means that you will be more charming, pleasant and romantic than usual. Although you do not like to attract attention, now you will enjoy it because it will allow you to strengthen your love relationships.

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