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Venus enters Cancer: what will be its effects on love

This July 17 Venus, the planet of love and romance, will enter the emotional sign of Cancer, where it will remain until August 11time during which we will feel its effects in love relationships.

The transit of Venus through a sign usually lasts about a month and depends on the place in the zodiac where the energy that emanates is positioned. While he was in Gemini we felt more adventurous in love and he acquired a more sense of freedom.

The air signs, element to which Gemini belongs, are sociable, flirtatious and intellectual, so they need mental stimulation to maintain interest. For its part, Cancer is a water sign, which means you are deeply connected to emotions, intuition and a sense of security.

For this reason, the change of energy in love that will be felt when Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer will be noticeable to everyone in the zodiac.

Effects of the transit of Venus in Cancer

During the three and a half weeks that Venus will pass through the sign of the crab, the romantic energy will be more relaxed. If you want to make a change in your relationship, now is the time because the focus is on how you feel instead of what you think.as astrologers explain in AstrologyAnswers.

You will be able to speak with your heart in your hand and reveal what you feel, your partner will be receptive because they will also speak the same language. In this sense, the relationship will enter a point of peace and harmony. If you are single, Venus in Cancer will encourage you to reveal your platonic loves.

But what is behind this need to express emotions? According to astrologers, we want someone who understands us, validates us and makes us feel appreciated; get involved in a relationship that makes us feel at home, that is, safe to be there and represents a sacred space where we can spend most of the time.

Thus, the transit of Venus in Cancer is the perfect time to make the necessary adjustments in your relationship and check if you are both on the same emotional channel, and if you are not with someone, the energy will help you connect with someone you love. speak the same language in love.

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