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Venus enters Aries: your sign will have more confidence in love

On Monday, February 20, Venus, the planet of love, romance and beauty, will begin your transit through the territories of Aries.bold fire sign that acts firmly and impulsively.

As Venus moves through the Zodiac it influences the way we approach our relationships. When in Aries it gives us the courage to get what we want in matters of the heart..

Now is when we can take action in our relationships and since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it may make us start something that involves passion.

What will happen to your sign as Venus moves through Aries? We will feel the energy of this transit until March 16, meanwhile, the PopSugar.com horoscope tells us what to expect.

As your sign is the protagonist of this transit, all the energy is directed towards you. It will bring you a sense of renewal in your heart that will lead you to reconsider your value system. It is the perfect time to go out on a date and improve your wardrobe.

It is a transit that makes you feel anxious because it drives you to act fast, for this reason, you may want to spend time alone to reflect and make decisions in your romantic relationships.

Now is a good time to go out with friends because the horoscope says that you can find love in new circles of friendship. If you are in a relationship, you can find a hobby together that will strengthen your relationship.

Venus in Aries will make you quickly express what your heart feels. In addition, they will be able to find new professional opportunities.

This planetary transit invites you to take risks, since romantic victories are accompanied by spontaneity and adventure.

Your sign will have to accept its vulnerability, that is, learn to ask for support and open the doors to the help of others. Sharing intimate moments will lead to breakthroughs in your relationships.

You will have the attention of your partner, which will allow you to deepen your relationship. If you are single, Venus in Aries will encourage small but passionate adventures.

As Venus moves through Aries, you will feel called to practice self-love, that is, reflect on your health and daily routine. If you are in search of love you could find it while you are in the gym or exercising, the horoscope predicted.

Now is the right time to invest in dating and your relationships, it will also be important during this transit to prioritize your needs.

With Venus in Aries your romantic affairs will get serious. A move with the couple is looming or introducing someone special to your loved ones.

During this transit you are interested in relating to people who will allow you to learn and grow. Your romantic creativity will be stimulated by what will be a good time to write love letters.

It will be a time to reflect on the things that matter most to you. Your sign is given to leaving their needs in the background, but during this transit you will remember that your self-esteem is important.

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