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Venus begins its transit through Virgo: each sign will notice changes in their close relationships

This Monday, September 5, Venus will leave the lands of the passionate and fun Leo to step on the territories of Virgo with her loving energy.the most detailed and organized sign of the zodiac, where it will remain for the next 4 weeks.

While the planet of love and values ​​transits through the sixth zodiac sign we will pay more attention to relationships with our loved ones and we will notice the things that have real value for us.

In Leo this planet encourages us to enjoy love, but in Virgo it is time to put things on analysis, after all, it is a practical earth sign. According to the horoscope from Astrology Answers, this is how your zodiac sign will feel its effects.

The little details that you overlooked in your relationships will now become more obvious, this will go a long way in improving them. However, he will want to be a perfectionist and may push himself too hard. He should be calm and not stress, after all, we all have flaws.

You will want more love and affection, that your loved ones recognize your efforts, pay attention and pamper you with words of encouragement. This will probably serve to strengthen bonds of friendship and love, but you must be careful not to create emotional attachments.

You will need to be careful about your reactions because you will be more emotional than usual. You could feel ecstatic about something and you will have to analyze the source of this charge of energy.

You will want to bring out feelings that have been buried deep in your heart and you may not think things through before you say them. This could lead to misunderstandings and communication problems. You will need to be patient and analyze before speaking.

It is time to work on stability and security in your relationships. If you feel stuck, bored, or chaotic and erratic, you’ll need to work on strengthening your emotional bonds.

Since Venus will be in this sign, you will feel the need to give and receive more love or attention. She will want to spend more time with her loved ones to lean on them.

You may want to spend less time with the people you care about because you will feel burned out. You won’t feel like supporting others even though you know you should. You will need to work on your limits to achieve a balance.

You will feel inspired to make changes in your relationships, you may not be able to make the ones you need or the direction you will take will not be what you expected. In this sense, she must work step by step to prevent love from being chaotic.

The weight of partner responsibilities will fall on Sagittarius during Venus in Virgo. It may be that he is frustrated because he is not used to being rooted in something, he will have to stay calm and work on his limits.

As Venus transits Virgo, you will need space in your relationships. While it may make you feel good, the feeling of well-being will only be momentary. She will have to face problems head on to get better, because ignoring them will not make them go away.

You will long to feel close to your loved ones, so it can be a good time to strengthen emotional bonds. The horoscope suggests that you be careful because you could be clingy.

Your loved ones will want your attention; they may need help and it will be your decision to give it or let it go. You will need to find the balance to not over-give and avoid ignoring any red flags.

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