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Venezuelan Amanda Dudamel is accused of plagiarizing the dress she wore in Miss Universe

Amanda Dudamel is involved in controversy, but this time not only for having met the second place of Miss Universe 2022but because was accused of plagiarism by designer Samy Girchermanwho assured that the representative of Venezuela in the beauty pageant used one of her designs without authorization.

The 23-year-old Venezuelan Amanda Dudamel continues to talk about after her participation in the 71st edition of miss Universebecause in addition to having placed herself as one of the favorites to win the crown, a few days ago she stated that she was in complete agreement with the result in said contest and very proud to have come so far.

But the happiness was again overshadowed by the statements of the designer Samy Gircherman, who during an interview for ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ raised his voice to denounce a possible plagiarism, because according to his explanation, the dress that Dudamel wore the night of the last January 14 was created by him.

“First I took off my glasses and put them back on because I couldn’t believe it. I went into shock, I immediately identified it yes I am the creator of one of these pieces last year and I see the girl who is representing Venezuela with a piece exactly the same. I want to imagine that they showed her the photo of a dress and they fell in love with the colors, with the same embroidery and they did it for her, ”she commented, although she also accepted that the design top is very different from hers.

Miss Venezuela Amanda Dudamel at Miss Universe 2022. Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images.

However, it is known that it was Amanda Dudamel herself who would have collaborated in the creation of the garment designed by Nidal Nouaiheadsince she graduated as a fashion designer, even shortly before her participation in Miss Universe, she launched a 5-piece capsule collection.

After the controversy generated, the representative of Venezuela was interviewed by lily estefan Y Raul de Molina where he regretted the confusion, noting that his dress is very different and the upper part is clear proof that there is no plagiarism.

To say that it is a copy it has to be exactly the same and if you see the two dresses, look at the majesty of the dress that I was wearing on top, the sleeves were totally designed for the occasion; that the lower part is the same, and because it is the same fabric, you cannot say that it is a copy, ”she pointed out.

Likewise, he explained that the fact that a prefabricated textile has been used does not mean that it is a copy, because as Sammy said, “thethe bottom part was exactly the same because it is a pre-made textile that both boughtthe upper part was what was designed and Nidal gave it the best interpretation that exists for this fabric”.

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