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Vegan recipes with Amarula Vegan

Award-winning drink book author and bartender Bella Porcile has created two vegan drinks at Amarula Vegan that suit everyone regardless of food preferences! In addition, Gustav Johansson, aka @javligtgottproduced a really good vegan dessert with Amarula Vegan!

Caramarula is a vegan cocktail that mixes soft flavors of coconut, apple and caramel with the creaminess of Amarula Vegan. A warming drink that is suitable to serve now that it is getting colder. Amarula Floral Fruit is a healthy vegan drink where the special taste of the marula fruit is interwoven with notes of coconut, hibiscus and rum to create this smooth cocktail together.

Fabian Moraga and Gustav Johansson (better known as @javligtgott) from ChouChou have created a vegan version of a classic dessert, where the lactose- and dairy-free cream liqueur Amarula Vegan is the main flavor. A delicious and simple dessert that is perfect for parties where guests have different food preferences!

Check out the recipes below!

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