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Vegan beauty – your best guide to updating beauty and skin care

There are many reasons to choose vegan beauty products, not least of which are products that take extra care of both animals and nature. Vegan products contain no animal ingredients, instead these are replaced with plant-based or synthetic alternatives. Below we list our best guide for those who want to invest in completely vegan beauty and skin care!

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Vegan skin care

Vegan skin care products contains plant-based ingredients, often filled with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. These ingredients both repair, protect and moisturize your skin. As the products are often packed with vitamins, they also give the skin a lovely glow.

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Classic hard care ingredients such as keratin, collagen and elastin are all animal. However, there are excellent products and hair care brands that replace these. Among other things, roucou oil stimulates hair growth while also having regenerative properties.

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Animal products are often used in perfumes and fragrances, including popular fragrance notes such as musk, honey, milk, ambergris and civet all come from the animal world. However, there are many excellent options for those who prefer vegan options.

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Vegan makeup

IN vegan makeup you won’t find ingredients such as beeswax, keratin, lanolin or honey to name a few examples. There are many brands that offer vegan makeup that is high quality and 100% cruelty-free.

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