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Vega, without hurry in his career

For Vega, writing and singing songs is not a matter to be taken lightly.

“Mirlo blanco”, her most recent album, is an album in which she talks about freedom, and is also a feminist manifesto.

“It is a record that is socially committed to feminism, the only one that fits, well understood,” he said. “The one that results in a community good, which is sustaining equality, and equality does not harm anyone but is good for everyone.”

Mercedes Mígel Carpio, the Spanish singer’s first name, was visiting Los Angeles this year to promote her new material, the ninth album in a career that began in 2003.

It is now, almost 20 years later, that Vega is beginning to see the fruits of her profession, she said, something that fills her with satisfaction especially since most of the time she has worked independently.

“Those achievements, when they come, bring calm,” said the singer. “And above all, they make me look back at my career and see all that struggle that has been not only as an independent artist, but as a woman in a tremendously masculine industry where the gap we have is minimal and recognition is very complicated.”

Part of that recognition has come in the form of Latin Grammy nominations, for which she has been considered three times, once as a songwriter and twice for her albums in the pop rock category.

In “Mirlo blanco” Vega reflects on his own path in the music industry, where he has experienced one setback after another due to his eagerness to stay true to his artistic truth.

“But I feel satisfied and I am enjoying it with patience,” she said. “Maybe because of my age [43 años] I don’t live well with all that fast food that there is something for everything, where everything is consumed very quickly, because I believe that music requires time, and has a very important value”.

That patience means he’s in no hurry to release new material, because, he says, he’s not competing with anyone.

“And I can afford to release a record whenever I want, and not release it just to release it. Twenty years later, I’m still here with a career that I built without haste. And I do not plan to enter that race, ”he assured.

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