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Vanessa Claudio showed off her leg in a dress worthy of a red carpet

Vanessa Claude.

Photo: Giorgio Viera / EFE

With awards season just around the corner, TV host Vanessa Claude It is already preparing to captivate the public with its transmissions by the hand of E! Latin America. For this reason, the young woman has starred in a photo session that drove the public crazy. The reason? Here we tell you.

Through his Instagram account, the host of ‘Al Extremo’ made a series of publications in which she showed behind the scenes of her glamorous photo sessionas well as the final result of it.

The first publication showed Vanessa Claudio very funny in the middle of a modeling session for which she posed clad in a stunning blue dress with ruffles and openings that showed her hourglass figure.

It should be noted that in addition to the red carpet-worthy dress that she wore, it was not the only element that stood out, since the Puerto Rican had a flirtatious game of looks with the camera while her long honey-colored hair fluttered in the wind.

It wasn’t long before Vanessa Claudio shared a new publication related to her photo shoot, and that is Said commitment is part of her next participation as a host in the awards season that will take place in the United States; We are talking about the Golden Globes, People Choice Awards and the highly anticipated Oscar Awards.

On this occasion, the famous posted a carousel of images with the final result of her photoshoot. The first of them allowed her to be seen in her commented blue dress while she posed in a way that revealed her shapely legs.

“You look amazing Vanessa, greetings”; “I’ll be there to see you shine as always”; “You are really beautiful, I admire you very much” and “An explosive beauty bomb”, are some of the comments that the presenter received through networks.

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