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Vampire themed party decor

to make a Vampire themed party decor – tips, ideas it takes willingness and money. The vampire is a recurring character in people’s imagination, especially after the success made by the “Twilight” saga. The creature popularly known to feed on human blood serves as an inspiration for putting together a fun and well decorated party.

Vampire themed party decor – tips, ideas (Illustrative Photo)

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The vampire theme is associated with a very dark, dark and funereal look, and that’s what themed party decormpiro – tips, ideas can change. Some elements that are used to decorate the Halloween party can be incorporated into this proposal. Try to work with a different style of decoration that manages to captivate the guests.

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Romantic vampires: modern

The most modern vampires are worked in romanticism (Illustrative Photo)

The theme party can follow the romantic vampire line, taking inspiration from the story of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. In this proposal, try to work mainly with the colors red, white and black in the decoration. Some elements can serve as a basis to leave the decor in the style of the Twilight saga, such as the chessboard, red apples and tulips.

twilight theme

The Twilight theme became recurrent in the 15th birthday parties, invading mainly the main table. In addition to using a towel with colors that enhance the theme, the cake also receives confectionery inspired by the vampire saga. In the background, a balloon arch is set up and the main scenes from the films are used as decorative panels.

Environments need strong contrasting elements and colors, such as black and red (Illustrative Photo)

If the idea is to decorate the party environment in a more frightening way, then resort to the Dracula style. The proposal brings out the atmosphere of an out of season Halloween, betting on the colors black, purple and red to compose the decoration.

The vampire party can have skulls scattered throughout the space, a macabre fountain, tombstones scattered throughout the outdoor area, candles, purple flowers, fabrics with frightening prints and coffin replicas that manage to leave the event with an even more macabre air. To ensure the comfort of guests, try spreading puffs and pillows around the room.


Spooky Vampires: Classic

Try to use the decoration as much as possible to enhance the figure of Balkan folklore. Assemble panels to decorate the walls and also work with the balloons that adjust to a gloomy color.

Even the cakes can be differentiated (Illustrative Photo)

Lighting will be a very important element to decorate the party and it can be based on candles or torches. As for the pending decoration, you can bet on bats hanging from the ceiling with nylon thread and a dark moon with a focus of light.

The party that refers to the character Dracula can count on a main table full of delicacies, such as sweets, Spanish sangria, cocktails and various appetizers.

Use the inspirations to throw an unforgettable party.

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