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Valentine’s ritual: simple love spell to make him think of you

Love spells are rituals that serve to strengthen the bond between two people who care for or like each other. That is why they are ideal to give someone special a “push”; think of you and be encouraged to ask you out.

As We are a few days away from Valentine’s Day Now is the perfect time for your suitor to think of you and be the person who will sit next to him on a romantic date on February 14.

The love spell that we will teach you next is very simple to perform and its effects are said to be almost immediate. you only need his name, a white sheet and a black ink pen. That’s all!

How to make a love spell on Valentine’s Day?

Once you have the elements it is time to start, but before starting it is important that you know that the spell is white magic and Its purpose is to cause the special person to have positive thoughts of usthat is, you cannot intervene in their decisions.

For this reason, you must think of all your qualities and be in a moment of high vibration (happy and at peace) when making this mooring.

In the center of the white sheet write the full name of the person you want to attract. Once you have done so, she recites the following prayer: “I summon all the powers of the earth to tie up this person that I love and stick her to my side. That she (her name of her) feels attracted to me and no one else, that she sees the purest and most beautiful in me, that she cannot stop thinking about me… I seal the door of this desire today and forever. So be it”.

Take 3 to 5 minutes to visualize that person and Imagine that they are together happily, holding hands and under a spell of pure love..

Fold the paper in 3 parts, so that the name is inside and towards you, and burn the paper with a match.

If you wish, you can pray the prayer of your choice at this time. You can also recite one suggested by the YouTube channel Alisa Spells, to close the spell. This is: “By the power of the magic of fire, I confine and attach this person to notice me and that the passion that never ends makes him/her feel tied up. He will have only eyes for me and together we will be two happy lovers. I give thanks to the power of fire magic.”

To finish the ritual, bury the ashes in a pot or garden. Remember to do it with faith so that its power is more effective.

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