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Valentine’s Day: which zodiac signs look the sexiest

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day that is celebrated this Tuesday, February 14, an astrological investigation was in charge of finding out which signs are the sexiest of the zodiac according to the opinion of Internet users.

Although each sign has different traits associated with its cosmic personality, people’s perception yielded very interesting results. And it is that the reputation of the signs of fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) would indicate that they are the hottestor those ruled by Venus (Taurus and Libra) would be the most sensual since this planet is the one that governs beauty.

The study in charge of PsychicWorld.com leaked thousands of comments on Twitter using an information gathering tool, where he included as keywords each zodiac sign and in the same tweet qualifiers such as “sexy”, “hot”, “magnificent”, “lustful”, “horny”, “sexual”, “stud”, “beautiful” among many others that users use to describe a sensual person.

After classifying them in order of popularity, that is, the most mentioned by users on Twitter according to the data associated with the most “sexy”, the results were as follows:

The sexiest sign of the zodiac is Aquarius after obtaining the highest percentage (27%) of suggestive tweets. It is surprising that a sign with a reputation for being cold in love has taken the lead, as it indicates that there is a rather sensual side to their personality.

“Their unpredictable nature means you never know what they are really thinking, which makes the mystery of an Aquarius fresh and exciting,” Psychic World commented in an email to La Opinión.

The second place was occupied by Cancer with 21% of “hot” tweets. to the users they find her sentimentality and tenderness seductiveHer innocent image is flirtatious and activates passionate instincts in people.

“Cancers know how to have a good time and will often indulge in flirting with whoever they find attractive. However, possibly the most attractive traits of Cancerians are their emotional intelligence and compassion.”

Tied for third place with 11% of the “hot” tweets each are Gemini and Aries. Zodiac twins project confidence and positivity, they are the life of the party and it’s hard not to find a fun-loving person sexy. For their part, Aries is the most daring and challenging fire sign, which is why in bed they are open and explore any possibility.

The fourth place of the sexiest signs is for Leo with 7% of the comments on Twitter associated with their sensuality. His domineering, generous and trusting personality is attractive to many.

“Once they trust you, they will reveal their vulnerabilities to you, making them amazingly attractive.”

The fifth place is shared by Pisces and Scorpio with 3% of the tweets each. Pisces attract people with their friendly and charismatic personality. On the outside they look sweet, but on the inside they have fire, which is why many want to take it to bed.

While Scorpio possesses a natural charm and dark and mysterious behavior which intrigues others and is reflected in their romantic and sexual actions.

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