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Valentine’s Day: which zodiac sign is luckier in love

The zodiac signs have their own way of expressing love, while some are affectionate and romantic, others become distant and cold. Their personality is projected in the way they start and maintain a romantic relationship and according to astrologers, this attitude can reveal how lucky they are in matters of the heart.

With Valentine’s Day knocking on the door, it’s the perfect time to understand What motivates us to love our sign and how does it do it?that’s why psychicworld.com he went to the astrologer Inbaal Honigman to find out.

“Some find it much easier to create and then maintain a relationship,” said the expert. He added that the water signs tend to be the most romantic, the fire signs the most passionate, the air signs conceptualize love and the earth signs keep love rooted in their hearts.

So, Which zodiac sign is luckiest in love? According to Inbaal’s classification, this is how the ranking of the fortune of love remained.

Ruled by Venus the planet of love, Taurus have the best of luck in love because they have a lot to offer their partner. They don’t just show their love with hugs and kisses, they do it with simple acts like cooking. “They love a love that lasts and lasts, since it is a very calm and patient sign, so it will not bother with the mania of its partner” commented Inbaal Honigman.

In second place we have the other sign ruled by Venus. They are elegant, friendly and kind, which is why they almost never struggle to get a date. “They take great care in their appearance and expect their partner to do the same. They feel comfortable getting to know a person and they don’t get sidetracked.”

The third place is occupied by this sign ruled by Mercury, the star in charge of communication and makes it attentive and the ideal partner because they are generous and enjoy life as a couple. “Those born under the sign of the Virgin are the ideal companion for all. They are attractive to all personality types and are also loyal,” Inbaal remarked.

Fourth place goes to Moon-ruled Cancer, the idealistic sign of love and expecting fairytale romances. “For the right person, they will cross oceans and tolerate pests. For the wrong person, they will cry.

As the only sign ruled by the Sun, Leo can give everything for his partner, as long as it is the right one, otherwise he will dominate his pride and ego. “They have a list of qualities they won’t compromise on so if they feel the relationship isn’t working, they leave.”

Pisces are very romantic and fantasize about any aspect of life, after all, they are ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams. “Affectionate and selfless, those born under the sign of the fish will do anything for love. They will give anyone a second chance and often a third,” said the astrologer.

Although it is a sociable sign because it is motivated by Mercury, its ruling planet, it is not so easy to have a stable relationship. “Those born under the sign of the Twins are never alone. Maintaining a relationship is difficult for them, because not many can keep up with the hectic pace of their lives.”

Scorpio’s ruling planet is the transformer Pluto, so mystery is the common denominator in their love relationships. “Everyone can feel their intense vibe, but only a few can handle them. Emotionally volatile, they find long-term relationships difficult.

The archer of the Zodiac is ruled by the planet of expansion, Jupiter, so their spirit is free and positive, however, they hate feeling tied down. “They are a joy for some and exhaustion for others. However, they don’t love commitment and can’t stand being suffocated.”

As a sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma and discipline, Capricorn is primarily focused on work. Although they are attractive and prosperous, “they leave no time for frivolity. They will date people they are interested in, but they don’t mind being single.”

Their passionate attitude projected by Mars, their ruling star, Aries is a people magnet and it’s easy for them to get dates, but they do keep them. “Those born under the sign of the Ram struggle to keep love alive, because they are active and busy, and can be tempted by another person.”

The rebellious Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarians, which is why they are idealistic, loyal and intelligent people, but cold in love. “Those born under the sign of the Water Bearer are wise beyond their years. They start a relationship as if it were a 30-year marriage, so they miss out on the exciting early stage,” Inbaal concluded.

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