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Valentine’s Day – that’s how many red roses you should send

What does it mean to receive a single red rose from a partner? How do you say “I’m yours” with the help of flowers? We clear up the questions surrounding red roses for Valentine’s Day.

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According to Greek mythology, it was the goddess of love, Aphrodite, who created red roses. One myth says that the goddess stabbed herself on the thorns of a bush of white roses and that her blood stained the flowers red. In another myth, a white anemone grew where Aphrodite’s lover Adonis died, while a red rose grew where Aphrodite’s tears fell after his passing. After this, red roses became a symbol of lifelong love.

Today, red roses symbolize love and romance around the world. But even if red roses stand for love, there is additional symbolism associated with, among other things, the shade and number of the roses:

  • Dark red roses symbolize undying love, while a bright red color symbolizes romance.
  • Rosebuds symbolize love that is in its early stages.
  • A single rose represents love at first sight and can often be sent anonymously. Giving a single rose to your partner means “You are still the one I love”.
  • Six red roses symbolize love and longing.
  • If you send twelve red roses, you are saying, in the language of flowers, that you want the recipient to “become yours”.
  • 24 red roses mean “I am yours”.
  • 50 red roses symbolize boundless love.

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