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Valentine’s Day store decoration: tips

Valentine’s Day store decoration: tips is what you are looking for? Then know that there are many interesting ideas to customize the establishment according to the commemorative date and display the products in a thematic way. As the Mother’s Day season ends, many shopkeepers innovate their windows to charm couples in love and awaken the desire to buy.

Valentine’s Day store decoration: tips. (Photo: publicity)

Valentine’s Day began to be celebrated in Brazil in 1949, the month of June was chosen because it was at the time the period when stores sold the least, and the celebration of the date was a way found to encourage trade. The date precedes June 13, the day of Saint Anthony, which is considered a matchmaker, but it seems that the proximity of the dates was just a coincidence.

For shopkeepers and merchants, this commemorative date offers the possibility of earning more money, as it is the third best date for commerce behind Christmas and Mother’s Day. To attract consumers, shop windows for Valentine’s Day should be eye-catching, with posters showing promotions on the date.

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Throw hand out heart-shaped balloons (Photo: publicity)

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Valentine’s Day store decoration: tips

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posters and stickers

Cupid sticker on the window. (Photo: Disclosure)

To increase sales in their stores, retailers should invest in decorating stores with posters and stickers. It is worth abusing creativity to call the consumer’s attention, but always taking care not to draw attention away from the product.

Creative sticker for shoe store. (Photo: Disclosure)

romantic text

Abuse romanticism. (Photo: Disclosure)

At decoration tips include the use of stickers nailed to the window with words of love, excerpts from music and famous poems. Take care not to have too much advertising material in the windows that could overshadow the clothes, shoes and other products that are on display.

Many hearts

Hearts are essential in decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Hearts are among the most used symbols to decorate stores for Valentine’s Day, but cupids with arrows can also be used. And inside the store, you can also hang paper or plastic hearts and balloons colored in red or pink. Products with promotional prices related to the date should also be highlighted.

Red should predominate in the decorations inside the store (Photo: publicity)

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decorative letters

Decorative letters. (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorative letters are making a splash in decorating stores for Valentine’s Day, as shown in the image above. You can have the letters of the word “Love” made in MDF or other material, paint them red and thus decorate the window.

You don’t need to line up the letters. (Photo: Disclosure)

explore the mannequins

Creative decorating idea with mannequins. (Photo: Disclosure)

The mannequins can be displayed in the window in couples or with some elements that are related to Valentine’s Day, such as the kiss marks on the face. This type of work is fun, simple to do and leaves the decor very creative.

touch of personality

Decorative love letters. (Photo: Disclosure)

To leave the store window with a touch of personality, just use photos of happy couples, preferably those who already frequent the establishment. You can also explore classic love letters and romantic notes in the decor.

Find ways to make the decor more personal. (Photo: Disclosure)

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