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Valentine’s Day: 4 zodiac signs hate celebrating despite having a partner

Valentine’s Day is not a date that everyone is excited about. The corniness of February 14 can be nauseating for some and the reason could be your horoscope. according to astrology there are signs of the zodiac who hate this romantic date with singular resentment despite being in a relationship.

Consequently, these signs of the zodiac may forget to give a detail to their partner because for them it’s like any other day. However, others have no qualms about expressing to their partner that they hate everything associated with Cupid. Who are these signs? Next, we tell you.

This sign doesn’t need it to be Valentine’s Day to be thoughtful with your partner because they do it almost every day. He does not wait for a special date to show his love, he does it when he feels it and wants to, so February 14 can go unnoticed by him. In addition, Virgo is not a cutesy sign that shows love with balloons or cards, according to Collective World, it does so in a practical way through acts of service such as doing laundry, cooking or picking up the dishes.

Geminis think that the most important thing is to be together, so beyond expecting lavish and cheesy gifts, they want to spend quality time with their partner. Besides, is often forgetful so it is not uncommon that this date is not one of the most important on your calendar.

If there’s one thing Aquarius hates, it’s going with the flow. He is rebellious and an enemy of stereotypes., so don’t expect it to be a couple who will surprise you with a Valentine’s note, a rose, and a romantic dinner. He expresses his love in a unique way and does the opposite of social pressures. So you may prefer to hide at home and make up any commitment to skip this date.

A Sagittarius is not uncomfortable expressing their emotions, that’s why Valentine’s Day can be very scary. He doesn’t want everyone on the street to see him buying sweets, balloons, stuffed animals and flowers for his partner. He shows love with actions and time together.

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