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Valentine’s Day 2023: which signs will be the most unlucky in love

Once February begins, love is in the air as the arrow of Valentine’s begins to sting our hearts. Although we all would like to have a romantic February 14, astrology predicts that some signs will be unlucky in love on that very day.

Despite the black panorama that the stars paint, there is no reason to be alarmed or panic if your sign is one of those that appears on this list.

The stars offer you the opportunity to know what to expect that day for prepare in advance and change your luckafter all, in the universe there is nothing written.

If you have plans to surprise your partner or reveal your feelings to that space person, things can go smoothly, but you will have to consider some emotional setbacks in your planning.

Your sign will be feeling more than emotional that day and may experience ups and downs in their sense of humor. From one second to the next he will go from joy to sadness or from ecstasy to anger. The problem will come if you do not control your actions and words because you could ruin the date.

Remember that your sign has a sensitive soul and the wounds you suffer take a long time to heal, so from now on try to have a peaceful and calm love life.

It is possible that you have kissed many toads to find your ideal Valentine’s date, otherwise, you will have one in 2023. When you love, your sign gives everything of itself and it takes time to pass the bitter pill when it is disappointed. The horoscope asks you to be cautious / or that day.

The stars could cause a bad move in love for your sign on Valentine’s Day. It is possible that you meet the ideal person at the wrong time or vice versa, the moment is ideal, but not for the person you chose. Use your intuition to know what your next move will be.

Don’t let the romantic vibe of February 14 blind you. While it’s the perfect time to enjoy your date, the spell could break once Valentine’s Day is over. Try to see your romantic exit with more perspective or logic and do not give yourself completely. If he is the ideal person for you, he will know how to wait for you.

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