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Valentine’s Day 2023: ritual to make someone special fall in love with just their name

With Valentine’s Day knocking on the door, it is possible to think of platonic love or people with whom we would like to share a romantic dinner. While chemistry may be in the air, there will always be the question of whether they feel the same way. That’s why this time we’ll show you a fairly simple ritual to ensure that special someone is on the same channel as you.

It is a love ritual where the main element is your name. If you want the universe to fulfill a wish, you have to give it the right signals, that’s why we need the full name and pure feelings towards that person.

It is important that you are not someone already committed or that your heart belongs to someone else. Being a white magic ritualwe must consider that he is available so that we are the ones who occupy a special place in his heart.

The ritual is simple and powerful, so we could begin to see results in just a few days, explained the YouTube channel Eduardo Tarot Profesional in a video.

When is it necessary to do this ritual? If he does not call you, you feel that he has forgotten you, they had a misunderstanding or he does not pay attention to you. The only thing you will need is a white sheet and a red ink pen.

Write your full name 9 times on the paper and with the red pen. Hold the paper in your hands to charge it with your energy and focus on your goal, which, in this case, is to make him fall in love with you and get him closer to you.

The following is one of the most important parts of the ritual. You will have to place the paper under your mattress, pillow or bed with the name facing you. You must leave it there for at least 9 nights and sleep in that place.

Then take it out of there and burn it with a match. To finish the ritual you have to spread the ashes on the street and let the wind blow them away.

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