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Valentine’s Day 2023: Mhoni Seer’s ritual to find love

The energy of love will be at its highest point on February 14th as Cupid starts shooting arrows at couples for Valentine’s Day, and the astrologer Mhoni Vidente tells you how to take advantage of this romantic inertia to find a stable partnerand if you already have it, strengthen your relationship to the point that the idea of ​​marriage knocks on your door.

It’s about a ritual that you should perform preferably on February 13 or at the latest on Valentine’s Daysince the results will begin to be noticed within the first 14 days after the spell, as the psychic has commented in a video that she published on her YouTube channel.

The materials you will use are easy to find: incense, two roses (one red and one yellow), a jug filled with water, brown sugar, a glass cup filled with tequila, rum or mezcal, as well as holy water, your perfume , cinnamon powder, a red pen and a red or pink candle.

How to do the Valentine’s ritual?

The procedure is very simple and it won’t take up much time, but it is important to do it before Valentine’s Day because the candle will have to be lit for most of February 14.

If you have a partner, write your name and the name of your partner, as well as their dates of birth, on the candle with the red pen and the phrase “love, love, love”. If you don’t have it, just write your name and 3 times “love”.

Remove the petals of both roses, place them in the jug with water and add the holy water. You should let it rest overnight because with this essence you will give yourself a spiritual bath the next day after your morning shower.

Place the candle on top of a plate, put brown sugar and cinnamon around it and spray with your perfume. Immediately afterwards, bring the glass with tequila, rum or mezcal closer so that it projects the energy of love towards our ritual.

Light the incense to clear negative energies and then light the candle. Pray the prayer of your choice and ask the spirit of love to come to you to have a stable partner or that your love asks you to marry.

Leave the candle and the petals in water for 24 hours. If you leave the house, put out the candle and light it again when you return. Remember not to leave it on if you are away from home, so you will avoid accidents.

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