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Using reindeer antlers Ángela Aguilar shows off her figure by modeling a tight black jumpsuit

Ángela Aguilar showed off another of her elegant outfits.

Photo: Arthur Holmes/Getty Images

Angela Aguilar he couldn’t let the holidays go by without posting something on his account instagram, and pleased her fans by sharing a short video -recorded by herself- in which she appears showing off her mini waist by wearing an elegant black jumpsuit. Her final touch for the occasion was a reindeer antlers headband that she wore to complement her outfits.

Although initially the new looks de Ángela with extensions in her hair caused mixed criticism due to the suddenness of the change, her fans have been delighted. The singer posed like a whole model in images that show her with that new hairstyle and with ideal outfits for this cold season.

Some days ago Angela Aguilar caused controversy for his statements about being considered 25 percent Argentine (all as a result of the final match of the Soccer World Cup). That didn’t stop the series of photos she posted on instagram -in which he poses on board a private jet- obtained more than a million likes.

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