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Using PicPay to receive money: is it good or not?

PicPay is the best option for those who don’t have a bank account and want to pay bills, recharge cell phones and access other services. Even those with a bank account can benefit from not having to pay bank fees.

It has credit and debit cards, unlike some credits that only have prepaid cards. Your funds are deposited into the account and if you are a seller you will have access to other services and benefits.

What this article covers:

Does PicPay receive transfers?

PicPay receives the transfer and does not charge a fee, but you must have a bank account set up in the “app”. As long as you inform the holder’s CPF, the transfer can be made to the account.

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Delivery time is 2 working days. You can only make a request once, but you can do other usual things. The minimum amount is R$5 and there is no maximum amount. This must be an individual, a current account, or a savings account.

You can also download to someone else’s account if you provide the account holder’s social security number.

How does receiving money in PicPay work?

You can deposit money into your PicPay account with a bank slip, TED/DOC or Caixa/Elo debit card. If you wish or do not have a credit card linked to your account, you must do so. On the contrary, you will not be able to make payments or send money. Through the boleto, the money will be in your account in up to two business days.

How does receiving money in PicPay work?

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The default deposit is between BRL 10.00 and BRL 1,000 per ticket, but it can be doubled if you verify your identity. Transfer via TED to your account within 1 business hour and via DOC within one business day. There is no value limitation. For Caixa/Elo debit cards, the maximum limit is R$1,200 per month or R$1,000 per day. The value is added on the spot.

The money will be in your account within two days if you pay by bank transfer.
The deposit limit per boleto is between R$10 and R$1 thousand, although it can be increased if you prove your identity.

Is it worth using PicPay to receive money?

Your money will be deposited into your account and if you are a seller you will have access to additional services and benefits.

On the other hand, you will have to comply with transaction limits and wait in line to get your card. Purchases are limited to the Banco 24 Horas network and are made through a program. Customer service is also limited.
money yielding
The amount you leave in your PicPay account, including cashbacks, is automatically converted into 100% CDI, minus the taxes due. You don’t have to do anything to achieve this, and growth is automatic.

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