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Using cinnamon and cloves: ritual to always be lucky in money

The ritual of cinnamon and cloves is one of the most powerful forms, spiritually, of always attract good luck in money. When the vibrational frequencies of both elements are combined, the positive environment is fostered to begin to receive abundance by handful.

Cinnamon is one of the most used spices in rituals because it its energy is associated with success and luck in all aspects. For many years it has been used to ward off evil spirits, which is why it is believed to be very effective in eliminating negative energy.

In turn, the cloves are in tune with the energy of the luck in moneyEven in esotericism, there are those who recommend bringing it as an amulet in your wallet to avoid a shortage of monetary resources.

How to use cinnamon and cloves for money?

If your goal is to have quick money luck Place a handful of cloves, 3 cinnamon sticks and 3 tablespoons of brown sugar in a concave fireproof container. At the top place a coal, because what you will do is burn these elements to smoke your house.

Before starting the ritual clearly visualize what you want to get out of itFor example, that bills are never missing from your wallet, that your salary is raised, that you have a better position, that your savings grow and are never in short supply, etc.

Now what you should do is use a match to burn them. Go through all the corners of your house starting from the inside out. Then leave the container in the central room and open all the doors and windows.

Another ritual consists of putting a cinnamon stick and a clove in a red cloth sack, tie it with a ribbon or red thread making 3 knots and keep it in your pocket. You must bring this amulet with you at all times and change it every month so that it never loses its effect.

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